Sharing the Truth of God’s Love Overwhelmed My Brokenness

I have one of those testimonies – you know the ones where people gasp as you are sharinbroken patchg it. For many years, I lived with the shame and condemnation of my past. I had to defend myself from the fiery darts thrown by many Christians.

A misguided search for love and acceptance led me into a world of drugs and life in a motorcycle gang. Caught up in a violent gang war, I became a victim of two gunshot wounds when a rival gang opened fire with M16 rifles. Within those few seconds, the crippling bullets forever changed my life.

In my determination to start a new life, I encountered the hope and healing of God’s transforming love. Often people would tell me, “You ought to write a book”. I always balked at the idea, after all; I’m not a writer. I wouldn’t know where to begin and the thought of it was overwhelming.

Eventually, I listened to the Lord’s conviction that it was His purpose for me to write the book. My testimony could help others discover the truth of God’s love. The Lord will restore what is broken and make a heart whole again.

My introduction to becoming a writer was literally a cry-out to the Lord, “Help me!” Although, it may not sound spiritual, this has been my heart’s cry with each new chapter. I reminded myself that the Lord would not call me without equipping me.

I searched the internet for writing resources and found helpful blogs and advice. I registered for my first Christian conference. To my delight I found a group of kindred hearts longing to be used by God through their writing and speaking. What a relief for this newbie writer to know much-needed help would be available along the way.

This was a lesson that Moses struggled with. Moses knew the Lord would use him to deliver the Israelites from the Egyptians, but he wanted to do it in his own way. Moses felt inadequate to deliver God’s people. He had tried once and failed. So God reassured him that He would give him the words to say.  (Exodus 4:10-12)

Moses now must see his mission from God’s perspective. He knows he is inadequate in his own strength. He knows that he alone cannot carry out God’s purpose. That is exactly where God wanted him, dependent on Him alone. He needed to trust the Lord to equip him.

Be attentive to God’s calling and leading in your life. You are never too young or too old to serve Him.


Thank you Lord – It is an honor to trust you with your purpose for my life.

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