Faith, Hope, Love stones

Maureen Hager is an uncommon speaker with an amazing story of how God healed her wounds of abandonment, being in a motorcycle gang, and a body riddled with bullets.

Her audiences are filled with hope, inspiration, and motivation in being difference makers to the physical and spiritual broken. Her love for the Lord is contagious.

Carolyn K. Knefely, Christian Communicators,  Co-founder


I have witnessed a miracle.  The miracle has been seeing God  transform Maureen Hager from a tragic victim into an instrument of hope and  love. Her story reads like something from an action movie, except the bullets and the pain were very real.

Maureen faithfully shares her story which is powerful and life-giving. Through her story, I have seen women and men find hope in the God who turns our darkness into light and our hopelessness into hope.

Our church reaches out regularly to women trapped in the clutches of human trafficking. I have seen Maureen’s story touch their hearts with a powerful message of hope and freedom. God is using her as an instrument of His unfailing love, and I pray her story reaches many.

Tom Camacho, Pastor
Blue Ridge Vineyard Church
Asheville, NC


Maureen Hager is a woman I admire! Her testimony is so inspiring and displays the transforming power of Jesus Christ so beautifully.

Maureen has such compassion for the oppressed, including those who are victims of sex trafficking. It is such a privilege to know Maureen and have her support as an advocate and prayer partner for the victims of sex trafficking our organization serves.

Emily Fitchpatrick, Founder/President
On Eagles Wings Ministries/The Hope House
Charlotte, NC